PPE Is In Stock – Masks, Thermometers, Clorox Bleach Wipes, and Hand Sanitizer

What Do You Need To Prevent Contracting and Spreading COVID-19?

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  • Face Masks – Medical grade if possible, this help protect you and prevent the spread if you are a carrier.
  • Children’s Face Masks – While few children show symptoms, they can still spread COVID.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Make sure to disinfect your hands and lower arms when in contact with surfaces outside your home.
  • Clorox Bleach Wipes – One of the oldest disinfectants is still the best.  Wipe down any surfaces after you use them.  Also use to clean any publicly used areas (i.e. shopping carts, door knobs, etc)


Herold’s Pharmacy in Charleston now has everything you need to help protect against getting and spreading COVID-19.  We Have all these items in stock


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