COVID 19 Vaccinations for Charleston SC

Please review the Online CDC Screener to make sure it is safe for you to receive the vaccine.  

Before your appointment, please Print the PDF for the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Screener.  Please answer all the questions the day of the vaccination.  When complete, simply bring in the form for us to review.  Don’t worry, we will have copies available in the pharmacy if you do not have a printer. 

Herold’s Pharmacy is now offering COVID 19 Vaccinations, to receive your vaccine use the scheduling link below.  All vaccinations will be covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.  We will have a program to cover the cost of the vaccination even if you do not have insurance.

COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Link for Herold’s Pharmacy


Charleston COVID Vaccine West Ashley 29414
The Covid 19 Vaccine Is Now Available