Pharmacy Services for Visually Impaired And Blind | Script Talk

Pharmacy Services for Visually Impaired And Blind Through Script Talk

Herold’s Pharmacy is Proud to Offer Envision America’s Script Talk and Large Label Solution for our visually impaired patients.  We Offer No Charge Home Delivery for your medications  Contact Us and include your current pharmacy information and we will transfer your medications today!

How Does Script Talk Work?

Our team adds a small electronic label with all your prescription information, including drug name, dosage, instructions, warnings, pharmacy information, doctor name, prescription number, date and more. The tag relies on RFID and text-to-speech technology.  Your Smart Phone can read the information stored on this label.  If you do not have a smart phone you can use our traditional speaker system (see image) Script Talk Medication System

Large Print Label Solution

Is the print on your prescription medication hard to read? Our Large Print Labels might be right for you.  We provide extra large printed lables and even separate booklets to provide easy to read information for you and your loved ones.

Large Label Pharmacy Medication

Large Labels for Your Medication.

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