Flu Season Is Active in Charleston and the Lowcountry

As of January 2nd, DHEC has indicated an Increase in Flu cases in Charleston and the Lowcountry.  The last week of December, the activity level was high and almost 12% of patient visits to polled SC providers was attributed to  Flu like illness – this is above the state average of less than 4%.  Earlier in December 2019 most Southern States started reporting the fastest Flu growth in the Country.  At that point in time South Carolina was one of the lowest amount of Flu like activity.  The Flu is contagious, DHEC and the CDC continue to urge getting your Flu shot to prevent it.

If you already have the Flu the following medications are available at Herold’s Pharmacy to help treat it:

  • Tamiflu
  • Relenza
  • Rapivab
  • Xofluza


Flu Map for Charleston and SC