Adderall Is In Stock

Adderall in Charleston S.C.

Adderall is a very popular medication to treat ADD and ADHD.  Due to a recent increase in demand the medication is now experiencing a shortage.  The FDA first reported the shortage in September of 2019 and the medication remains in short supply today. The shortage applies to all strengths and forms.  In the Charleston area, Adderall has had limited availability and backorders at many pharmacies. This Includes the immediate release, 5MG, 7.5MG, 10MG, 12.5MG, 15MG, 20MG, and 30MG tablets.  The Extended Release has also been in short supply, though it has been easier to find locally.

Herold’s Pharmacy has been able to secure stock from our supplier for all immediate and extended release versions.   We do accept all insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid with the same co-pay as the national chains.  We also have very low cash prices as well.

As with all medications, Adderall can cause side effects.  If you have any questions about Adderall or it’s side effects please contact your doctor or ask our pharmacist.  You can also view the following site for more information on Adderall.

Please contact the pharmacy with any questions about this or any other prescriptions.

Adderall Charleston SC