The Herold’s Pharmacy’s New Smartphone Apps

Our New MobileRX App Let’s you request refills on the go!

mobileRxAndroid App for herolds Pharmacy

Our newest addition to web refills services is mobileRx. You can refill prescriptions while on the go using our new mobileRx option. Using a web-enabled phone, you can enter your web address your pharmacy phone number to submit their prescription refill requests.


mobileRx App

The latest development to web refills services will be the new mobileRx app. You can refill prescriptions while using an Android or iPhone. On the mobileRx app, your patient will have access to their active prescriptions on their pharmacy profile and may choose up to three prescription numbers to refill. Another option for your patient is the option to scan up to eight current prescription bottles.

Here are The App Links!

Mobile RX for Android

Mobile RX for iPhone

Pharmacy Smartphone app example








These are a great way to save time compared to phone call! Let us know if you have any questions or issues with the new site or app!

by Mary Wise