Pharmacy With The Lowest Priced Prescriptions?

The lowest prices for medications can be found at your local independent pharmacy. This is according to a Consumer Reports study. How do the small chains do it? While this is not entirely clear, there is anecdotal evidence that while national chains are publicly traded with larger profit goals and growth plans, your local pharmacy simply does not have the same lofty goals.

While the great service consumers receive at local independent pharmacies is no secret, it has been confirmed by none other than J.D. Power and Associates. An article on the study is available here. This same report also confirms the same findings on price as the Consumer Reports study. It reads, “Even in that context, according to J.D. Power and Associates, in a number of instances patients gave independent pharmacies higher marks on price than they did the likes of CVS Caremark”. For pharmacies it seems bigger does not always mean cheaper!

JDP Pharmacy Study

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