Charleston Pharmacy Delivery Services

Herold’s Pharmacy is proud to offer door to door delivery for our patients in the Charleston and surrounding areas. Our staff will deliver your medications same day and this service is offered at no charge for patients in need and a small flat fee if it is requested as a convenience.

Assisted Living and Independent Living Prescription Delivery

Herold’s Pharmacy also offers delivery services to most Charleston area Independent and Assisted Living communities. This is again done at no charge. All insurance and billing can be handled by Herold’s Pharmacy with no work done by patients or the community’s staff.

Mail Order Prescription Service

Herold’s Pharmacy can deliver your medications by mail. This is a great service if you can not be home during our normal delivery hours. All mail is shipped next day, so you can have your medications waiting for you about 24 hours after your prescription is filled. All billing and insurance is handled at the store by our pharmacy staff.

Contact us today for more information or just fill out our pharmacy transfer form to get started.

Pharmacy Delivery

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