Partnership with HME Medical Shop

Herold’s Pharmacy is happy announce a partnership with HME Medical Shop.  HME Medical Shop has a complete line of Medical Supplies and equipment.  Over 3,000 products are available on the site and they are all available to purchase with an HSA/FSA card and also feature Free Shipping anywhere in the country.  All products can also be picked up right here at Herold’s Pharmacy!

Here are some of HME Medical Shop’s Top Sellers:

Pulse Oximeters

Bath Lifts

Walkers For Seniors and Rollators

TENs Units


Purchase through the site or email the HME Sales Team at !

Crutches and Neck Brace

by Mary Wise

One thought on “Partnership with HME Medical Shop

  1. Michael Murken

    I was in your Pharmacy on 3/29/13 after Dislocating my shoulder. The Pharmacist was so nice and fast. Seemed liked she really cared. I wasnt there more than 10 min. I really liked the Old time atmosphere (lunch Counter. made me remember when I was younger. Thank you so much for everything. Michael W. Murken

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