4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dianna Sheridan

    Just wanted to say Good Luck in your new venture! It’s nice to know that chain stores are not the only option!! I work at St Francis and will happily refer the patients I come in contact with your info 🙂 ( my office is next to Joan – The Director of Volunteers that Mary Wise happened upon today with donuts!)

    My daughter is just finishing her first year of pre pharmacy at USC I will tell her to come by and see how the “old school” pharmacy used to operate!

    Patient Advocate

  2. mike

    Thank you for your support Dianna! We look forward to working with you and everyone at St. Francis. Look for our grand opening in mid-May!

  3. John king

    The best customer service I have ever received. Ill he sure to refer my friends and family. My kids love coming to your store.

  4. Norsy Dawson

    Mike and Mary provide the best customer service that I have ever had anywhere. They are an absolute pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Herold’s Pharmacy to anyone!! 🙂

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